**UPDATE**-Return Crew- Returning TODAY, Monday 8/13

Hi all,

I keep pushing the ETA back.  I think the soonest we can expect them is  9pm.  I will send one more update after they call me later this afternoon or evening evening.


Good morning.

The tracker shows Double Take in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, having passed Cape Flattery at about 3:30am this morning.  They are fighting current right now but that is about to change and should get a good push from an incoming tide to help them home.  The window I predict they will arrive at the dock is somewhere between 4pm today to perhaps as late as 7:30pm.    Hopefully I will be able to reach them by phone later this morning or early afternoon to get a better handle on their position and ETA.

Anyone that would like to greet Brian and the delivery crew as they arrive from their  13 day Pacific crossing are encouraged to do so.  As soon as I have a better feel for timing I will pass that along.


Brad Baker


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