The Crew


Tom Huseby (owner)

I started sailing in Sao Paulo Brazil when I was 9 years old.  My Dad took us out for each of our maiden sails on his brand new (to him) 17ft Seagull.  A very bad hail/wind storm terrified me and I have been trying to recover ever since.

This is my third Vic-Maui and arriving after the first in 2000 was probably one of my best moments ever.  Racing had very little to do with it but almost two weeks of focus, wonder, camaraderie and a feeling of real accomplishment made surfing down a wave feel like  floating on a cloud. Wow!


Janice Huseby (owner)

Name: Janice Magee Huseby

Where are you from: Marin County, California

Favorite Food: good bread & cheese (& champagne !)

Vic Maui Experience: As tom’s spouse. Organizing the parties at the Lahaina end. Helping Tim Larson provision this race. And finding beautiful Hawaiian shirts for this winning team to wear upon arrival!

When and how did you get started sailing: I sailed with my father as a child. Then hired a skipper to teach me in my late 20’s. Crewed on a couple of boats. Met Tom in my early 30’s and sailed with him. All on San Francisco Bay. I consider myself a boater, both power and sail. And prefer cruising  to racing. But love supporting Tom with his passion to race. Btw, the Magee side of the family has many Ships Captains who worked here in Seattle, Coos Bay OR and along the West Coast from 1850-1950. My Great-Great Grandfather was an original hand on the China Seas Clipper ship. And then captained from Coos Bay. My Great-Grandfather captained as well. My Grandfather was a Ships Captain working & living with his family(my father included) in Seattle 100 years ago & finished his career as a Bar Pilot on San Francisco Bay.

Favorite racing moment: Watching Jeito finish the Vic-Maui race in 2002. She screamed across the line at 22 knots! 


Brad Baker

Where are you from: Born and raised in the Seattle area

Favorite Food: Pizza!

Vic Maui Experience: This will be my 9th Vic-Maui.   I’m a glutton for punishment.

When and how did you get started sailing: At age 15, on a warm summer evening, a good friend, James Eliason, took me for a sail on a 41’ custom Bob Perry design IOR Two tonner named “Heather”.  The explorer scouts operated the boat and it was great for kids to get out and do some sailing and racing.  I was totally hooked and signed up with the explorer scouts later that evening.  .

Favorite racing moment:  It’s hard to pick one specific favorite moment in time.  I’ve spent many a night offshore both racing and cruising with my family.  I’d have to say my favorite moment(s) have been sailing on the big blue in warmer climates with a canvas of stars overhead.


Jay Sharkey 

Where are you from: Rhode Island

Favorite Food: Freeze-Dried

Vic Maui Experience: none

When and how did you get started sailing:  My parents bought their first sailboat when I was 2, it’s been all downhill from there.

Favorite racing moment: Finishing the solo leg of the 2011 Bermuda 1-2 after spending 2 years rebuilding my 21′ prototype mini transat boat.  Leaving for the start was the first time the boat went sailing after being wrecked in the 2009 race so getting there intact was a big deal!


John Austin

Where are you from: Earth but I reside in Seattle

Favorite Food: Mexican

Vic Maui Experience: This is my second time

When and how did you get started sailing: Parents owned a CROD (Columbia River One Design) sailboat.

Favorite racing moment: Ripping across the finish line of the 2002 Vic Maui with flat water at 23 knots!


Max Huseby

Where are you from: Seattle, WA

Favorite Food: Too many favorite types of food, but my top three are as follows (in no particular order): Phad Thai, Cuban Pork Roast Sandwich, Pizza

Vic Maui Experience: None. This is my first race across the pacific ocean.

When and how did you get started sailing: I started sailing years ago when a particular ‘someone’ forced me to go to sailing camp at the Seattle Yacht Club. Fortunately for him I still enjoy it, so here I am.

Favorite racing moment: Racing a Lazer in a small regatta on Lake Washington over a summer some years ago. It was very windy, but I managed to stay afloat the whole time and won my class.


Tim Larson  

Name: Tim Larson

Where are you from: Seahurst, Wa

Favorite Food: Everything

Vic Maui Experience: 94, 96, 00, 02, 12

When and how did you get started sailing:Started racing on a Islander 36 called Tattoosh owned by Bill Walton.

Favorite racing moment:First Swiftsure on the Islander 40, Brad Baker was driving the boat thru Race Rocks, spinning the helm lock to lock and he announced to the crew “gee I hope the steering cables don’t break”


Ryan Helling

Where are you from: Gig Harbor, Washington!

Favorite Food: Mexican… love me some Chile Verde

Vic Maui Experience: I did the race on the Santa Cruz 52 VOODOO CHILD in 2006. Can’t wait for another round!

When and how did you get started sailing: On my Dad’s lap in a Millimeter sailboat when I was really small.

Favorite racing moment: So many days with good friends on boats, but in recent memory… A windy Laser race after not racing Lasers in a long time. Coming around the windward mark neck and neck with my friend Eric Rone, then taking off on a screaming run and hearing “WIPING OUT!” from over my shoulder. I think he got me in the next race though.


Nat Smith

Name: Nat Smith

Where are you from: Berkeley, CA

Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookes

Vic Maui Experience: First time!

When and how did you get started sailing: My folks have a JY-15 up at Lake Tahoe. We spent a lot of time toodling around up there on the lake.

Favorite racing moment:  My first large Laser Regatta at the St Francis in SF. I was totally over powered by the wind and and the spent the first (only) downwind leg capsizing. I finally got back to the locker room, and that had to be the warmest, and best shower I’ve ever taken. 


3 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. You are all in my thoughts, especially after being hit by the big wave . You are now in the home stretch. Be safe and show them all who’s boss!!

    Meme Hurd and Cat ( Janice’s cousin)

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